Review: La Soiree Sensorielle @ Augusto’s had the honor to cover La Soiree Sensorielle, a tasting and wine pairing by our long time friend, Chef Ariel Rodriguez.  It was a 9 course adventure and predictably one of the most fantastic culinary experiences yours truly has ever had.  Here’s the round by round action, pics or didn’t happen:

Our first wine of the night was an oddity, the Alsace Cuvee Gyotaku, a superstar of modern wine crafting it’s a white blend made to mimic sake.  Perfect for any sushi dish, it was paired with a Red Seabring sashimi, shiitake and caviar, marinated with a couple drops of sriracha for kick and plated on an oyster shell.  A beautiful and balanced lead off hitter with agility, gap power and a smart titillator.


P1020896Course two brought a MASSIVE, Moby Dick of a royal Hungarian white blend (Kiraly Dulo) with a foamy salt nose that was paired with crudo Santa Barbara Spot Prawn and Sea Urchin.  Frighteningly ethereal, this pairing used a small glob of earthy sorrel puree with a touch of cream for grounding.  Haute cuisine suitable for Chuck Norris is my best description for it.


IMG_0047Next came a Vinoce Sauvignon Blanc with a splendid white petal nose and white asparagus.  An aggressive seduction of the acidic sides of the palette, this pairing had you begging for the meager sweetness of the sliced white truffles.

P1020898 The 4th course was a bold beauty by Chef Rodriguez, picture perfect sweetbreads with morelli mushrooms and a decadent buttery potato puree with crunchy pea shoots for texture.  Delicate and sophisticated with an old world swagger, this is one dish I am going to need again before I die.

A spectacle of showmanship, the migazaki was presented fire brewed with mint and basil.  An oxtail broth with wagyu beef and thin soy noodles.  Cinnamon and cloves echoed off the clay playfulness of the Sattler Zwiegert.  A blend of richness and complexity with a friendly heart, course 5 received plenty of praise from the crowd.

IMG_0049The palate cleanser came as a gin n tonic.  Tanqueray 10, homemade sugery simple syrup.  Good people these Augusto’s guys.

P1020902A veal cut with cipollini was the canvas of our main course.  But a small mound of alder smoked salt on the side of the dish just took off with the peppery French Grenache blend (Miocene De Saccades) and elevated this course far beyond.  Salt n pepper, so simple, so brilliant.  This was deconstruction at its finest, a chef giving you an open road map to discovery.

IMG_00532nd main course was a lamb neck, rich and tender with deliciously charred crust.  A mini beet provided a dash of sweetness and a segway into the dessert courses.

P1020903We recieved a cheese plate next, with a honey glaze on the side.  A smoked ringed gouda was the star here.

Lost but not least, a panacotta cake with homemade marshmallow.  A final long kiss to finish the evening with.

If cooking is magic, Chef Rodriguez is Gandalf.  He’s seen it all, knows every spell, every fad and technique and mastered them all.  Now he dedicates himself to complex symphonies of 16 beats on major and minor as he pleases.  Three course just isn’t enough to fully appreciate the mastery and so yes, if you love this stuff as much as we do, lay the dough and treat yourself to one of these tastings.  Make yourself happy and do it right now.

Courtyard Miramar 801
Ave. Ponce de Leon