Trending Bars Season 1 under way @ Di Zucchero

Hail to the winners of round 1

Hail to the winners of round 1

Guru Bars Entertainment saw the successful launch of its: The Tour Trending Bars, Season 1 @ DiZucchero on Monday the 18th.  The event is the first of its kind on the island, using a tag team format over three events (2 regular season, 1 playoff) to determine the winner.  The top 3 scoring teams from Monday night will move on to the final round, slated to take place on the 15th of December.  All events will take place @ DiZucchero.

On this night, after several hours of intense shaking, muddling, bubbling and pouring; Luis Mangual & Tony Rosa (pictured above) from Columbo’s Bistro took the top score.  Here are some other images from the action!

guru partyguru2guru4The judges panel was headed by sponsor GBS’s own Jorge “Gallego” Lopez

guru3Stay tuned as will bring you all the exciting news from Season 1!