El Livin’

YouTube Preview Image  El Livin’ could very well be San Juan’s most unique restaurant.  Situated in Parque Luis Muñoz Rivera it is surrounded by trees, ocean & children’s jungle gym.  The 2nd floor wooden structure is akin to a 5 star tree house and the decoration screams hipster.  The buzzing nightlife activities cater to a crowd that is diverse and yet very at ease with itself.  As a whole the atmosphere can border on magical.

The menu is dubbed comfort food and it foils the magic with an earthly practicality.  The options are straight to the point.  Meats and fishes are perfectly cooked with generous portions.  The high quality of the products is respected & only accented with light flavors, not smothered in salsas and senseless fusions.  El Livin’ doesn’t aim to impress you with many-hyphened-culinary-jargon, it wants you to be at ease and relax and eat and be treated the way a customer deserves to.

Any night is great, but the foodiespr.com recommendation is to take it in with the nightlife events.

Wed-Fri 5pm-1am

Parque Luis Muñoz Rivera,


Last Wednesday Night of the month:  Flamenco Nights

Fridays:  Vintage DJ

Saturdays:  Alternate Jazz/Bossa Nova Nights

Check out the specialty drinks menu!

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