Bar Gitano

Trendy & Tasty is a good way to live

Bar Gitano is a concept that really nailed it.   Condado had been building momentum for a few years as the island’s hottest spot for dining, hopping & strolling.  Then Bar Gitano opened and pretty much laid the debate to rest.  The trendy & upscale crowd that camps on the outdoor tables has become the epicenter of the strip’s new-found vibe.  Bar Gitano does more than evoke our Spanish heritage, it gives us a glimpse into an alternate history where Puerto Rico remained Spanish and Condado modeled itself after downtown Madrid instead of downtown Miami.  Some restaurants become more than restaurants and Bar Gitano has immediately become a meeting spot, a nightlife hub (with it’s Siamese twin sister El Barril) and a banner bearer for the transformation of Condado.

The Food?  Well, it’s designed by a guy you’ve never heard of, Robert Treviño.  Never heard of if you don’t watch the Food Network.  Or read international magazines.  Or leave your house.  But we at really think you should try this unknown cook because he’s pretty good.  Bar Gitano does not carry the delicacy of first class world cuisine that Budatai does.  It’s tapas.  Real Spanish tapas, with the stern attitude of that country, no beg your pardons.  The Cuajitos a la Plancha are decadently fatty and demand beer and a soccer game with the authority of a Judge’s gavel.  The Pringá Andaluz is hearty and rich and would kick a ceviche in the face.  The official recommendation is the Coca de Setas Orejones.  Mushroom pizza my ass, this thing rocks. I wish they had in Sportsman size.

Finally, would like to make a shout out to the backbone of Bar Gitano, it’s management and service staff.  Managing partner Paco de Juan is the magic man behind the curtain to this string of victories for Out of this World.  He’s backed by a group of Pro’s Pro’s.  Bernice Berrocal,  Eriberto Rosario, Danny Valentín (Budatai) just to name a few.  We’ve known them for a long time and they are top notch industry people who deserve a proper slice of the cred for the success.  These guys will make sure you are taken care of.

1302 Ashford Ave. , Condado /  787-294-5513  /