Nuevo Latino “The New Foodstyle in Town”

What is Nuevo Latino?

Nuevo Latino Cuisine is best described as an inspired and inventive fusion of Latin tradition grandmaʼs cuisine transformed into a culinary innovation.

Nuevo Latino is homey, appetite-inspiring food that brings the big, sunny flavors of Latin America into your kitchen. Itʼs cooking with a twist. Itʼs macaroon coconut breaded shrimp pinchos, malanga chips dusted with smoky chipotle chiles and Caesar dressing infused with jalapeno, juicy chunks of pineapple grilled to perfection. Its black bean soup like youʼve never had, it a warm apple pie pastelillo, roasted corn sparked with a little minced red onion, lime and cilantro. Its mashed
potatoes, kicked up Latin style, whipped together with roasted garlic and fried gandules.

Tired of making the same old grilled fish? Try it new world style, pan chard Alaskan halibut filet with coconut yuca cake, black bean sauce and chipotle cole slaw, these ingredients are very popular in Latin America. Thinking in barbecued are you? Next time pop them on the grill slathered with sweet and sour citrus jam. Reinterpreted sweet potato fries, dusting then with ground cumin, yuca
chips or fried plantain “Tostones”. Are a chocoholic? Or fruityholic? Youʼve met your match, chocolate-banana nut burrito frito or fruit salsa with coconut ice cream and flour tortilla chips dusted with coconut flakes, Mexican cinnamon and powdered sugar. When you think of Latin Cuisine do not limit yourself to thinking of only fare from Colombia, Peru or other Latin country.

Only the finest meats and freshest vegetables, find their way into our kitchen. Once there, they are cooked in the same way they would be if you were in the home of a local, to bring out the true flavors of authentic Latin cooking. I offer a wide selection of dishes ranging from traditional to modern recipes, appealing to all tastes. Diners can request entrees made vegetarian-style, or with any of our fresh meats.

What’s different about the Nuevo Latino Cuisine? Plain and simple… We want you to experience a totally new experience. Our concepts “Chef At Home” as you relax with music and sip on Sangria. Take a trip back in time as you enjoy some of our authentic Latin infused Dishes. Want to learn the savory secrets of Nuevo Latino Cuisine? Join Chef Javi Sánchez for LATIN FLAIR CUISINE experience… Explore the culture; discover the passion with Fresh ingredient.